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Completion of Academic Year 2017

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Completion of Academic Year 2017
by Asanka Dias - Tuesday, 5 September 2017, 4:14 PM


Dear Student,

Please be informed that if you have not registered for the Second Semester through SSD by making your payments, your access to Moodle will be automatically suspended on 5 .00 pm Friday the 8thSeptember 2017. This may results in losing your records in Moodle and may not be able to retrieve it at a later stage.

Hence, if you have not registered, you are hereby advised to visit SSD and register yourself by paying your outstanding immediately.

Having access to Moodle does not in any way imply that you are registered for the Semester and eligible to sit for the final examination, unless you have registered with SSD by paying the semester fee.

Students with any outstanding in Semester 1 or 2 will not be permitted to sit for the final examination.

If you have already registered by paying part of your semester fees, you are kindly advised to clear your outstanding by 15.09.2017, unless we have explicitly agreed with you to allow up until last week of the Semester to clear the remaining portion of your semester fees.

If you are unable to meet the financial obligations within the stipulated time period, we may offer the option of differing your studies to next semester. If you wish to do so, visit SSD along with a written request immediately.

Thank you.

IBSU Finance Team